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Think Like An Eagle

14 July 2019, 11:15


Scripture for the week: Luke 23:34 ‘Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’

1. An eagle is a symbol and a symbol is a way in which we receive revelation from the Lord. Symbols have a deeper meaning:
• Natural types; the spiritual Rom. 1:20
• The eagle represents courage, a stretching of your limits, and a desire to fly higher (to achieve more), and you believe it is possible.
• NB: We live from faith to faith Rom. 1:17, Rom. 10:17

2. Our biggest correction is our hearts. Word-seed in our hearts brings Godly life faith.
• We can easily talk about forgiveness, yet we battle with forgiveness.
• We must be representatives of the Lord Jesus, of His love, His grace and His forgiveness
Luke 23:34. Our sins took Jesus to the cross.
• Jesus forgives, so should we. His our ‘Example-Brother’ and our ‘Redeemer-Brother’.

3. We get taught the prayer ‘Our Father’ and we pray: ‘forgive us as we forgive those who have sinned against us’.
• In short, we say or pray: ‘hate me like I hate others’.
• NB: Forgiveness is the greatest Christian truth. It shines the brightest in heaven. You must see the big picture.

4. Eagles follow the high road. Think like an eagle and not like a chicken or a vulture.
• Chickens eat seed etc. and vultures eat dead things. Eagles always eat fresh food.
• If you are always looking on the ground or eating dead things, you will never be able to fly like an eagle.
• NB: You can’t remain thinking the old death thoughts, you will never mount up with wings like an eagle.
• Unforgiveness keeps you in the chicken coop and with dead things. There is no life.
• Thoughts that control you will rule over you and destroy you and that makes you a slave.
• Children fight, forgive and makeup while the parents are not even talking to one another.

5. Where does it come from? Family habits and patterns.
• Unforgiveness keeps you tensed up, bitter and it steals your sleep and you are no longer creative.
• Unforgiveness does not protect you because your focus is on the wound.
• NB: Your history kills your destiny. You’ve got to let go.
• You will invest where your emotions are either positive or negative.

6. At times we don’t want to set things right because it is not our fault Matt. 5:23-24. God says deal with that which is wrong.
• Don’t allow someone to control your atmosphere.
• Set free and fly with wings of praise and thanksgiving.
• Take back your freedom James 1:25

7. Think about a person who hurt you, was it a weakness or wickedness? You also have weaknesses.
• Show grace Matt. 5:7 and receive grace. There is a difference between grace and justice.
• Jesus came to give us abundant life, not church.

Use your faith to liberate you and not as a drug.
Jesus’ love, Nevil

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