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A Beautiful Way

07 July 2019, 11:15


SCRIPTURE FOR THE WEEK: 2 Sam. 22:33 “God is my strength and power and He makes my way perfect.”
1. ‘The beautiful way’ is also ‘The perfect way’ John 14:6 Only Jesus is ‘The way’, not a way, but ‘The way’ to God the Father.
• A way to all that we need, a way of freedom. Rom. 6:20
• You need not be overwhelmed by sorrow, heartache, hopelessness, fear and discouragement. Jesus is the solution, yet at times you will experience these things, but on the ‘beautiful way’ you will find the fruit of the Spirit. Rom. 8:2 is the law of lift in Christ Jesus, yet you must believe it.
2. Our message is from 2 Sam. 22:29-33 If God is your refuge He will guide you along the ‘Beautiful way.’
• 2 Sam. 22:22 is an invitation to stay on God’s ways.
• 2 Sam. 22:36 There is protection along this way – a Breastplate of Salvation. Eph. 6 speaks of a Breastplate of Righteousness that protects our hearts.
• Self-righteousness makes us an open target for the enemy Is. 64:6
• We must set this right with our God Is. 1:18
• Self-righteousness is the ‘I, me and my’ mentality and then I can easily get wounded by the fiery darts of the enemy.
• God’s righteousness is also a shield of Salvation that saves me from self-righteousness.
3. The Prodigal Son lost his way on his own road of self-righteousness. Yet, he made the right decision to come back on the ‘beautiful way’ Luke 15:18
• Question: Where are you? A loving Father is waiting for you!
• Just think: God leads the whole Jewish Nation out of slavery on ‘the beautiful way’ to their promised land. The desert is beautiful if God is there.
• Along the way they complained and grumbled, yet all the while God provided in their needs.
• Even if circumstances are difficult we must learn to be thankful for what we have and not unthankful for what we don’t have. 1 Thess. 5:18, Col. 3:15, Col. 4:2, Phil. 4:6
• Unthankfulness is connected to wickedness. Luke 6:35
• 2 Tim. 3:2 Unthankfulness is a sign of the last days.
• Question: If God had to ask you if you are unthankful, what would your answer be?
• Thankfulness will change your attitude and the atmosphere around you.
4. Rom. 8:28 All works together for good: For those who love God; they are satisfied with God; they love their neighbours Gal. 5:14; they believe His Word; they enjoy the Lord. They live according to His purpose and not their purpose.
5. 2 Sam. 22:37 A crucified life stands firm on the victory of Jesus on Calvary. Eph. 3:17, Col. 2:7 Unthankfulness is like thorny and rocky ground – your faith tree does not grow.
6. Is. 35:8 A highway of Holiness of separation and commitment to the Lord. It is a Holy Way; a Beautiful Way. Holiness is to be set apart in Jesus; as His bride; to reign with Him.

Walk in the light, then you will remain on ‘The Beautiful Way’.

Jesus love, Nevil

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